ArchiMeDe @ DANKMEMES: A New Model Architecture for Meme Detection


We introduce ArchiMeDe, a multimodal neural network-based architecture used to solve the DANKMEMES meme detections subtask at the 2020 EVALITA campaign. The system incorporates information from visual and textual sources through a multimodal neural ensemble to predict if input images and their respective metadata are memes or not. Each pre-trained neural network in the ensemble is first fine-tuned individually on the training dataset to perform domain adaptation. Learned text and visual representations are then concatenated to obtain a single multimodal embedding, and the final prediction is performed through majority voting by all networks in the ensemble.

Proceedings of the Seventh Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian Final Workshop
Jinen Setpal
Jinen Setpal
ML Engineer @ DagsHub

Research under Interpretable Domain Generalization.